Facebook oh how I love thee.

Facebook……How can I thank you for all that you have given me?  Am I an addict?  Can I ever give you up?

Facebook…..When I first discovered Facebook I thought there is no way I will like it better than myspace.  When they opened it up from college kids to anyone can join, I gave it a try.  Within days I had reconnected with old friends, some I had not seen in over 20 years.  It was great.  Then I started using it for business reasons.  At first I started using Facebook for clients when I designed websites.  I always included social media as a part of my services.  Websites for businesses were already starting to decline, but I was able to get two good years of work in.

Do businesses really even need websites anymore?  I think if your business is small, and with a tight budget, try out having a Facebook Fan Page first.  Some people may say, but people can’t shop on Facebook.  Oh yes you can—

screenshot of some of the many apps we have on our company page  images-3

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 8.26.28 PM

So we have an app for our Instagram feed, shopping through soldsie, join my list-a great app for your fan page to get everyone on your email mailing list,  welcome app, and another shopping link by paymentech.  The best thing about it is they were all free.  So for me it is a given for our business.  Our likes are increasing by the day, and if they are on Facebook and they like us, our posts are seen–WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

****A little tip-Check out this great article on sprout social about Facebook, Twitter, and Vine all coming together.  Video is the new trend in 2013 http://sproutsocial.com/insights/2013/02/facebook-likes-news-feed/  This site is awesome by the way******

Another great thing Facebook has done recently to help small businesses is the introduction to the nearby app.  It is genius that you can see businesses your friends like.  What could be better?  Well, maybe the introduction to Facebook business pages coming up in mobile search results.  Now this is pure genius.  Why wouldn’t you choose Facebook?  It is the age old story of if one person tells one person and another and another.  Read the article below for more info.



Facebook has definitely given me so much.  Friends, old and new, sales for my company, information on other businesses, and so much more.  If you aren’t on Facebook because you are worried about privacy, ahhhhh–just watch what you put.  There are security settings to help protect you.  Social Media is a great way to interact personally and professionally.  Try it out…..It can’t hurt!!!!

Goals for my readers this week:

Follow me on twitter-@carribrown1

Like my sons Fanpage-https://www.facebook.com/cameronmbrownactor

Like my business Fanpage-https://www.facebook.com/shopbangdangle

and for non stop laughing-https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaSweetBrown?ref=ts&fref=ts

Carri Mac signing off

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Tweet Tweet Tweet!!!


I was on My Space before Facebook, and on Facebook before Twitter.  It took me a long time before I truly got the Twitter buzz.  I was intrugued by the twitter wars I would hear being talked about.  I was curious as to why Ashton Kutcher tweeted so much, so I joined.  I will admit it is interesting to read some of the instant, random thoughts of people, especially celebrities.  I don’t think I truly got the Twitter buzz until my sons first big movie came out, and we were all trying to get buzz out about the movie.  Then, all of these people started following my son, famous people, and it was like-WOW!!!!! How cool is this?

Doing research for a social media class I am in, I truly have seen how popular Twitter is.  Twitter is doing amazing things for businesses.  It can truly boost you up in google.  So why spend money on adwords when the consistency of tweeting and interacting with others can impact moving up the google ladder for free.  Today I discovered a great article on Twitter-Check it out!!!


I have searched my son for example, Cameron M. Brown, and his tweets will come up on his google search.  We have his tweets linked to IMDB, and his feed comes up on his page.  It is genius.  For an actor who is trying to get their name out there and recognized, Twitter is a must.

 And now that the super bowl is one day away, Twitter is gearing up to break records for tweets, and they have even set up a page for people to follow the game.  For all those poor people stuck working, or not in a place to watch the Big Easy match up.  Will this years super bowl break all those Twitter records? I mean how far has technology come that instant information is at your fingertips?

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.19.01 AM

Well follow the super bowl page yourself and check it out.  

Reasons why I think Twitter is genius in the social media age
-It is a chance for you really to connect with people.  Especially celebs.  I mean how cool is it that Channing Tatum retweeted a picture of him and my son?–COOL!!!!!
-You get people interested in what you have to say
-It boosts you or your company up on google
-It’s FREE
-There is a character limit, so people can’t ramble on and on for to much on one subject. It’s direct and to the point
So by now if you haven’t thought Twitter was amazing, put Facebook down for awhile, and see what everyone is talking about.  I mean if you love the Jersey Housewives like I do, watching them fight back and forth on Twitter is enough for great entertainment.  
SO here are some goals:  Sign up for twitter, get a fan base, start following as many people as you can, and tweet regularly.  And also become a fan of my superman.  Then comment and tell me the reasons you like or dislike Twitter.
 Carri Mac is signing off!!!!
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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Often I hear a question like this, and I sit and ponder, but this one was easy.  The one experience that changed my life was having my son Cameron.  He has given me an inner light to shine through everything I do.  I know the love of a child is a one in a million experience, but this true gift God gave me has truly been my saving grace.

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So I have been working on some new jewelry designs, and I decided to put them on our facebook fan page the other day.  I uploaded around 90 photos, and within minutes the comments on the new designs were amazing.  I am so happy to see our fanbase growing, and people loving our new designs.