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Social Media…..Where would we be without it?  Well, I personally would be a lot more productive in my spare time, because what every one else is doing in their spare time would not matter so much to me.  But that is besides the point, social media is truly the best thing that has come around since the cell phone.  Yes, we stay to connected to technology because of it, but we also can expand our wardrobe by all the cool stores we find on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.  It is truly one of the best inventions for businesses and it is free.  I have my own jewelry line, and it is amazing what social media has done for me and my business.   So let us move on to future implications of social media…Yay!!!!!

While I was doing research for this blog I stumbled upon some good reads to help me on my journey.  Social media is always evolving, changing, and finding new ways to keep people engaged.  Well, brands have to do that also.  For example Ralph Lauren has been a fashion giant for many years.  Every season him and his team have to come together to come up with new and exciting fashion trends to keep consumers buying.


Facebook is here to stay and they keep stating on top of whats hot and whats not. 58% of people surveyed have said they have a personal Facebook profile.  Brands are spending most of their time of Facebook, and that is probably due to so may people that are on Facebook.  So brands need to add the changes into their social media strategy to keep up with what is new and exciting.  It is also important for brands to look at the demographics of social media sites, and target certain markets and ages on sites that have a majority of that age group on them.

According to a recent survey, 4 out of 10 people are noting brand related items in their news feed, and that will help increase exposure if you are constantly updating your company page and showing consumers how engaged you are in social media.

I thing all of the trends in social media have to do with new developments, changes in what we like, and people get bored with things after awhile, and are looking for a change.


Many things we do in life is influenced by the situations around us.  Looking to keep up with the Jones’s so to speak, so our human behavior does affect the changes that are going on around us.  The key, especially in business, is to keep up with the changes so your business can change as the world does around us.  When technology changes, people change with it.  When Apple comes out with their latest device, it makes everyone want it, because they have built up such a brand, and people know this one will be a little better than the one before.  There is a great video from Paul Adams of Facebook and he talks about how the web is involved around people.  Check it out http://arquecreative.com/the-rise-of-the-social-web-and-implications-for-brands/

The bottom line is there will always be that new hot item, and there will always be that new hot social media site we just have to join.  Research what is best for your business, and happy success.

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Viral Marketing Initiatives

The first time I heard the term “it went viral”, was about the time YouTube and its popularity many years ago.  YouTube has been at the top of its game for making never heard of products, become popular around the globe.  Then there is Twitter.  Twitter even emails you tweets that are trending.   There are many reasons as to why some things go viral over others.

Here are my top 5 characteristics as to why some campaigns spread like wildfire.

1. The product or service is offering something free or at a very big discount.


One of the best viral marketing campaigns that offered something to the public that made their campaign go viral was Virgin Blue.  In 2009 Virgin Blue did the unthinkable in celebration of its 9th anniversary.  Virgin Blue simply sent a tweet saying it would offer $9.00 tickets in honor of this special day.  1000 domestic tickets were sold in a matter of 3 minutes.  Sure the company may have lost a lot of money by doing this, but the return on this investment helped them achieve more Twitter followers than it could have anticipated, and now they have increased their brand loyalty, and have given consumers a reason to pick them over other airlines.  The payoff in the end is what matters, and they were successful at doing so through Twitter.


2.  Do something that makes people intrigued.


There is nothing I like more than looking at a product or service and saying, “WOW, how did they do that?”  One of the most popular viral campaigns to stop and make people go HMMMMM was the will it blend campaign.  Tom Dickinson, the founder of Blendtec, was so proud of his total blender, that he let Facebook followers decide what he would blend in the total blender, and then filmed himself blending these items and putting the videos all over the Internet.  The goal of the company was to create brand awareness and that is just what they did.  Blendtec won an advertising award for this campaign, and increased their brand awareness by the corkiness surrounding all of these crazy videos blending almost anything they could get their hands on, including a brand new iPad.

It sounds to good to be true but here it is http://youtu.be/lAl28d6tbko

3. Make people laugh


People love to laugh.  In today’s world with all the hustle and bustle people love to sit back and have a good laugh.  Absolute Vodka approached Zach Galifianakis, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, and wanted them to make a no holds barred video, and the only stipulation was that they mention the word Absolute.  Leave it to three comedians to get the world laughing by their crazy antics and funny one liners.  The videos went like wildfire on the Internet and have seen over 3 million views on YouTube.

Enjoy this hilarious viral video http://youtu.be/5p0QtJMKt1s

4. Involve the Audience


I have always loved a good horror film, and there is nothing that upsets me more when I see constant trailers for a movie, that will not be showing anywhere in my general vicinity.  When buzz spread about Paranormal Activity a few years ago I was pumped and couldn’t wait.  It was like The Blair Witch project all over again.  The movie was made for only 15,000 and the executives took to social media to get fans to demand it to their local theatres.  The Internet spread with this like wildfire and it became the #1 tweet trending on Twitter.  They focused on social media, word of mouth, and the scare you out of your seats video of how fans that screened it reacted to it with them being filmed in the theatre itself.  Well this video got my head spinning at even the thought of it not being anywhere for me to see it.  That movie was such a success with over 100 million dollars in revenue.  Wow the poor of social media and the Internet.  Look how many views the original trailer had on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.44.43 AM

Here is the link to the original trailer that got everyone talking about this film http://youtu.be/F_UxLEqd074

5. Keep it Simple

To get a campaign to go viral it is important to keep it simple and to the point.  Don’t oversell the product, but use subliminal messages to keep the product or service in the minds of others.  Make it desirable without over doing it.  The old saying less is more is important to being successful. Keep it original and don’t get stuck on other campaigns from the past.  Originality is key, and be quick and to the point.  Always include share and like buttons to get the buzz rolling.

Getting a campaign to go viral can’t be predetermined, but with the Internet, the world is your oyster.

There’s an App for that!!!

There’s an app for that.  That is something commonly heard, and boy does it make like so convenient.  Apps are one of the greatest inventions.  There is almost an app for everything you can possibly imagine.  You can find out about traffic, weather, sports, deaths, coupons, and so much more.  A few weeks ago I was on I-10 heading to New Orleans and an app I have installed for WAFB, a local CBS affiliate, notified me on my I-Phone that there was a wreck on the big bridge leading to NOLA and that it was closed.  WHEW-that saved me a lot of unnecessary stress being stuck in traffic.  So that leads me to the best, there is an app for that apps that I am currently using.

Best Apps:

imagesMy favorite, and absolutely genius new app-better than Hey Tell is Voxer.  Everyone needs to start Voxing.  Quick, and to the point communicating so ou dont actually have to talk to someone, you can just walkie talkie them.  Very cool and very exciting.  And on top of the push to talk notifications for text, talk, and media-It is free.  It is like your phone becomes a walkie talkie.  Your phone makes cool sounds when someone has voxed you, so it is not like you have to constantly be on the app to know when you have been voxed. So check out this app-http://voxer.com/index.html

images-1The next best app that I am totally obsessed with is RDIO-no A in the spelling.  This is better than Pandora could ever dream to be.  It isn’t a radio station.  Any song you ever could imagine hearing is on this app.  Entire albums, soundtracks, playlists-It is truly amazing.  It is free initially and then there are different monthly packages, even with sharing options for the family that share the same Icloud account, for Apple users.  Not convinced, check out there website for more info http://www.rdio.com

116555v1This next app was introduced to me by my social media professor, and I have been hooked on it ever since.  It’s called Flipboard.  It is truly a social magazine.  You flip through various content from news, sports, celeb gossip, and even things your friends are into.  All your favorite social media info is here as well.  It truly becomes what they call your own personal magazine.  I get all my latest news from Flipboard, and I don’t even have to waste my time with other sources.  All the things I like are all here in one place.  Check out their website for more info http://flipboard.com

The last wonderful app I am hooked on is Twit-jump.  Twitjump is great because you can store up to 21 Twitter accounts and it is easy to navigate through your different accounts.  It is easy to you and completely free-YAY.

Should you continue to use TwitJump you’ll be able to customize services according to any budget, including many free features such as:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Scheduled Tweets
  • 0-3 Keyword Searches
  • ListsBit.ly Integration
  • Bit.ly Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Lists

This is such a fun app and it really helps you if you tweet as much as I do.  For more about it, view this article-


Well, today is my dreaded 38th birthday so I am signing off.  If you haven’t like my many fans pages, please do.  Networking and word of mouth is how we will all continue success on the web.

Till next week-I am signing off.


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The impact of Twitter

The impact of Twitter

201202272132775775716-p2I planned on writing about something else this week, but I think I must talk about Twitter..yet again.  I was reading my daily news yesterday, and I stumbled upon an article that caught my eye.  Ironically I stumbled upon this article before the big Nascar crash that injured 28 fans yesterday.  A year ago their was an accident during the Daytona 500.  The track was on fire.  So what does any of this have to do with Twitter?

While all of the chaos was going on,  on the track, one of the drivers Brad Keselowski started tweeting pictures of what he was witnessing.  Well, according to the article in the Huffington post, he became a Twitter Phenomenon  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/02/28/brad-keselowski-nascar-twitter_n_1305943.html  In a matter of hours, he gained over 100,000 viewers.  WHAT!!!!! Yes, that is the truth.  People were so curious as to what was going on, he instantly became a hot ticket.  Now drivers aren’t supposed to have phones in their car while driving, but it seems as if he didn’t care to out himself for breaking the rules.  After it was all done his fans even teased him about tweeting from the track. (see screenshots below)

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 9.13.33 AM     Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 9.13.43 AM

I have seen the affects of Twitter, but this is the impact I have seen yet.  In hours he increased his followers by that magnitude.  Here I was excited about getting 100 new followers in one week.

When I started reading up on this event, I discovered Twitter received the Crunchie award for having the biggest social media impact last year.  For more on this view this article-http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/15/twitters-social-impact-cant-be-measured-but-it’s-the-pulse-of-the-planet/

So are you still deciding on whether you should give Twitter a try?  Do you have a Twitter account but don’t actively pursue getting new followers, and posting regular tweets.  Well, if I wasn’t sold before, I definitely would be after reading this post.  Well, if you are trying to boost your business up and get higher ranks on google, this chart below just goes to show you how actively tweeting can truly make your business more successful on the net.


WOW!!!! What could you possibly be waiting for?

Till next week-I am signing off.


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Twitter, Hashtags, Instagram, — Oh My!!

Twitter, Hashtags, Instagram, — Oh My!!

Twitter-HashtagsHello everyone.  Wow is it already Friday?  What a week it has been.  Before I start talking about what I think is important in the social media world this week, I must give kudos to the social media world.  First off, I increased my Twitter fanbase this week with 110 new followers.  YAY!!!!  Another Twitter moment of the week was that one of the One Direction boys followed my company page.  If I had a teenage daughter she would be ever so thrilled.

So on to this weeks Carri Mac blog of the week.

imagesThe first topic of the week, which leads to the next topic is H#SHT#GS.  What are they you ask?  Well besides being the little number sign on the phone keypad, they actually have a purpose.  Whenever you are tweeting or instagraming, you may see this hashtag symbol at the end of posts.  So what is the main purpose of these little guys, besides being cute?  On Twitter for example, the hashtags can actually help you reach an audience beyond your followers.  For example if you tweet about the Superbowl, and the Superbowl isn’t following you, but you use-#superbowl, your tweet or post can show up in searches when they search that topic.  Sorta cool when you think about it.  If you check out http://www.hashtags.org you can find popular info about hashtags, including the most popular hashtags currently trending, how to actually use hashtags, and just how they can help your business.

Cute little joke in this shot below, and it is kind of how I felt when I first learned about the hashtag craze.


images-1So now that we may have Hashtags, and their importance squared away, let us talk about the ever trending Instagram.  Kudos to the young man who sold it to Facebook for a ton of money.  Hats off to you.  So what is Instragram?  It is actually a very cool app, where you can quickly edit your photos.  There aren’t a ton of editing options, but for a free app it is great.  You can post your pics, comment on others, follow friends, and most importantly follow all those hot pics Channing Tatum has on his page.  Instagram is definitely a great tool for your business.  You can link it straight to your Facebook and Twitter, so when you post to one you post to all.

Many companies are finding Instagram to be a very successful tool for their business.  Consumers can see new products right when you take the picture.  Why take the pic from your smart phone camera, when you can go to Instagram and take it from there?   With Facebook owning this awesome company, all of those friends, can become Instagram users.  What a no brainer to get your product or service in the minds of millions and billions of consumers.

Instagram is now available from your computer, and if you own a Mac, you can install InstaDesk-like me.  Was it worth the couple of bucks I paid to get it, well….Yes, certifiable justifiable…… So don’t you want to download Instagram?  You can interact with your friends, customers, and even potential customers to build your brand.  And even if you aren’t trying to build a business, just play and have fun with your pictures.  Instagram is now sending you email notifications when your picture or name is tagged, just like on Facebook.  Very cool how everything is starting to come full circle and link together.

The picture to the right shows the word popular at the top.  I wonder what are some of the things that get your picture to be on the popular, trending page?  Wonder if it is hashtags.  HMMMM….It is genius the way things are all brought together through hashtags!!

_59568138_instaSo why don’t we spend this week learning hashtags, signing up for twitter, and downloading Instagram.  My motto has always been if it doesn’t hurt…then it can only help.

If you still feel like Hashtags aren’t for you, this tutorial is an excellent explanation, and may help put your mind at ease.


Till next week-I am signing off.


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Tweet Tweet Tweet!!!


I was on My Space before Facebook, and on Facebook before Twitter.  It took me a long time before I truly got the Twitter buzz.  I was intrugued by the twitter wars I would hear being talked about.  I was curious as to why Ashton Kutcher tweeted so much, so I joined.  I will admit it is interesting to read some of the instant, random thoughts of people, especially celebrities.  I don’t think I truly got the Twitter buzz until my sons first big movie came out, and we were all trying to get buzz out about the movie.  Then, all of these people started following my son, famous people, and it was like-WOW!!!!! How cool is this?

Doing research for a social media class I am in, I truly have seen how popular Twitter is.  Twitter is doing amazing things for businesses.  It can truly boost you up in google.  So why spend money on adwords when the consistency of tweeting and interacting with others can impact moving up the google ladder for free.  Today I discovered a great article on Twitter-Check it out!!!


I have searched my son for example, Cameron M. Brown, and his tweets will come up on his google search.  We have his tweets linked to IMDB, and his feed comes up on his page.  It is genius.  For an actor who is trying to get their name out there and recognized, Twitter is a must.

 And now that the super bowl is one day away, Twitter is gearing up to break records for tweets, and they have even set up a page for people to follow the game.  For all those poor people stuck working, or not in a place to watch the Big Easy match up.  Will this years super bowl break all those Twitter records? I mean how far has technology come that instant information is at your fingertips?

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.19.01 AM

Well follow the super bowl page yourself and check it out.  

Reasons why I think Twitter is genius in the social media age
-It is a chance for you really to connect with people.  Especially celebs.  I mean how cool is it that Channing Tatum retweeted a picture of him and my son?–COOL!!!!!
-You get people interested in what you have to say
-It boosts you or your company up on google
-It’s FREE
-There is a character limit, so people can’t ramble on and on for to much on one subject. It’s direct and to the point
So by now if you haven’t thought Twitter was amazing, put Facebook down for awhile, and see what everyone is talking about.  I mean if you love the Jersey Housewives like I do, watching them fight back and forth on Twitter is enough for great entertainment.  
SO here are some goals:  Sign up for twitter, get a fan base, start following as many people as you can, and tweet regularly.  And also become a fan of my superman.  Then comment and tell me the reasons you like or dislike Twitter.
 Carri Mac is signing off!!!!
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