Twitter, Hashtags, Instagram, — Oh My!!

Twitter, Hashtags, Instagram, — Oh My!!

Twitter-HashtagsHello everyone.  Wow is it already Friday?  What a week it has been.  Before I start talking about what I think is important in the social media world this week, I must give kudos to the social media world.  First off, I increased my Twitter fanbase this week with 110 new followers.  YAY!!!!  Another Twitter moment of the week was that one of the One Direction boys followed my company page.  If I had a teenage daughter she would be ever so thrilled.

So on to this weeks Carri Mac blog of the week.

imagesThe first topic of the week, which leads to the next topic is H#SHT#GS.  What are they you ask?  Well besides being the little number sign on the phone keypad, they actually have a purpose.  Whenever you are tweeting or instagraming, you may see this hashtag symbol at the end of posts.  So what is the main purpose of these little guys, besides being cute?  On Twitter for example, the hashtags can actually help you reach an audience beyond your followers.  For example if you tweet about the Superbowl, and the Superbowl isn’t following you, but you use-#superbowl, your tweet or post can show up in searches when they search that topic.  Sorta cool when you think about it.  If you check out you can find popular info about hashtags, including the most popular hashtags currently trending, how to actually use hashtags, and just how they can help your business.

Cute little joke in this shot below, and it is kind of how I felt when I first learned about the hashtag craze.


images-1So now that we may have Hashtags, and their importance squared away, let us talk about the ever trending Instagram.  Kudos to the young man who sold it to Facebook for a ton of money.  Hats off to you.  So what is Instragram?  It is actually a very cool app, where you can quickly edit your photos.  There aren’t a ton of editing options, but for a free app it is great.  You can post your pics, comment on others, follow friends, and most importantly follow all those hot pics Channing Tatum has on his page.  Instagram is definitely a great tool for your business.  You can link it straight to your Facebook and Twitter, so when you post to one you post to all.

Many companies are finding Instagram to be a very successful tool for their business.  Consumers can see new products right when you take the picture.  Why take the pic from your smart phone camera, when you can go to Instagram and take it from there?   With Facebook owning this awesome company, all of those friends, can become Instagram users.  What a no brainer to get your product or service in the minds of millions and billions of consumers.

Instagram is now available from your computer, and if you own a Mac, you can install InstaDesk-like me.  Was it worth the couple of bucks I paid to get it, well….Yes, certifiable justifiable…… So don’t you want to download Instagram?  You can interact with your friends, customers, and even potential customers to build your brand.  And even if you aren’t trying to build a business, just play and have fun with your pictures.  Instagram is now sending you email notifications when your picture or name is tagged, just like on Facebook.  Very cool how everything is starting to come full circle and link together.

The picture to the right shows the word popular at the top.  I wonder what are some of the things that get your picture to be on the popular, trending page?  Wonder if it is hashtags.  HMMMM….It is genius the way things are all brought together through hashtags!!

_59568138_instaSo why don’t we spend this week learning hashtags, signing up for twitter, and downloading Instagram.  My motto has always been if it doesn’t hurt…then it can only help.

If you still feel like Hashtags aren’t for you, this tutorial is an excellent explanation, and may help put your mind at ease.

Till next week-I am signing off.


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