It is summer, and vacations are on everyone’s mind.  Getting that summer wardrobe is important, because you want to look your absolute best.  Two of my absolute favorite places to shop is Jcrew and Anthropologie. Although they are some what different I use them both when adding components to my wardrobe.  Both stores have great pieces, and both fit a side to the many moods I have.  Some days I feel preppy, some days I feel like a free bird, but I can always use both of them together when I am putting an outfit together.
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Anthropologie is an amazing store.  Everytime I walk in I get an urgency to be happy.  Their loud music and bright colors make me so happy to be there.  I don’t have much time anymore to just spend countless hours shopping in stores, so I always use social media to help me with what they have new that I may like.  I love their website, but seeing it on actual people makes all the diffence to me.  They use all my favorite social media channels.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and they are even incorporating Video Marketing with Youtube.  Their instagram is probably my favorite-http://instagram.com/anthropologie.  Not only do they pick the newest items and display them in a way that makes consumers just want to run into a shop and buy every piece available, but they show things the stores are doing in the community, which is a good representation of how they give back to the community.  They also use instagram to announce promotions, events, and sales.  What a great company.  I also love how active they are on Twitter, and how they engage with their consumers.  Many consumers will tweet things to them about products they have purchased, questions and concerns, and anthropologie will retweet what their consumers are saying.  What a great way to show consumers that the company is greatful to their cponsumers, and that does make someone very happy.

Anthropologie does a great job in setting themselves apart from the compettion.  Most of the time they not only post the items they are featuring, but they help you pair it up, to create a great outfit.  Their prices can be high at times, but they aren’t always promoting the expensive pieces, they promote whatever looks best to make a complete outfit.  I love this store, and I will continue to tell all my friends about this place.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 8.09.15 AMJcrew is my next favorite go to store.  You can always count on Jcrew to fins those basic pieces that fit into any wardrobe.  Over the last few years they have branched out to be more trendy, but they always go back to their preppy stylish pieces.  Although Anthropologie does utilize video marketing, Jcrew does it through Facebook as well as Youtube.  Their videos are truly captivating.  THey reminded me of Nikes Just Do It campaign.  There is one where girls are surfing, and the theme is you can do anything.  Throughout the video they sell their swimwear, without ever even mentioning it.  It is empowering, and truly a great way to market to consumers.  Check out some of their videos here-https://www.facebook.com/jcrew/app_637950882898800

They are very active on Twitter, Pinterest, and also Instagram, but the way they market through video is working to increase their brand.  Anthropologie does engage more with the consumer on social media, but Jcrew is using new marketing channels to increase exposure to their brand.  Both are important, and both can help reach even more consumers than they currently have.

Till next week-I am signing off.


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