There’s an App for that!!!

There’s an app for that.  That is something commonly heard, and boy does it make like so convenient.  Apps are one of the greatest inventions.  There is almost an app for everything you can possibly imagine.  You can find out about traffic, weather, sports, deaths, coupons, and so much more.  A few weeks ago I was on I-10 heading to New Orleans and an app I have installed for WAFB, a local CBS affiliate, notified me on my I-Phone that there was a wreck on the big bridge leading to NOLA and that it was closed.  WHEW-that saved me a lot of unnecessary stress being stuck in traffic.  So that leads me to the best, there is an app for that apps that I am currently using.

Best Apps:

imagesMy favorite, and absolutely genius new app-better than Hey Tell is Voxer.  Everyone needs to start Voxing.  Quick, and to the point communicating so ou dont actually have to talk to someone, you can just walkie talkie them.  Very cool and very exciting.  And on top of the push to talk notifications for text, talk, and media-It is free.  It is like your phone becomes a walkie talkie.  Your phone makes cool sounds when someone has voxed you, so it is not like you have to constantly be on the app to know when you have been voxed. So check out this app-

images-1The next best app that I am totally obsessed with is RDIO-no A in the spelling.  This is better than Pandora could ever dream to be.  It isn’t a radio station.  Any song you ever could imagine hearing is on this app.  Entire albums, soundtracks, playlists-It is truly amazing.  It is free initially and then there are different monthly packages, even with sharing options for the family that share the same Icloud account, for Apple users.  Not convinced, check out there website for more info

116555v1This next app was introduced to me by my social media professor, and I have been hooked on it ever since.  It’s called Flipboard.  It is truly a social magazine.  You flip through various content from news, sports, celeb gossip, and even things your friends are into.  All your favorite social media info is here as well.  It truly becomes what they call your own personal magazine.  I get all my latest news from Flipboard, and I don’t even have to waste my time with other sources.  All the things I like are all here in one place.  Check out their website for more info

The last wonderful app I am hooked on is Twit-jump.  Twitjump is great because you can store up to 21 Twitter accounts and it is easy to navigate through your different accounts.  It is easy to you and completely free-YAY.

Should you continue to use TwitJump you’ll be able to customize services according to any budget, including many free features such as:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Scheduled Tweets
  • 0-3 Keyword Searches
  • Integration
  • Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Lists

This is such a fun app and it really helps you if you tweet as much as I do.  For more about it, view this article-

Well, today is my dreaded 38th birthday so I am signing off.  If you haven’t like my many fans pages, please do.  Networking and word of mouth is how we will all continue success on the web.

Till next week-I am signing off.


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5 thoughts on “There’s an App for that!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite apps. I’ll definitely have to check out the rdio app soon. Pandora’s been disappointing me a lot lately, and although I usually listen to grooveshark since I can make playlists of songs/albums I like, I don’t think the mobile app works all that well. I’ve heard people rave about Voxer before, so I may have to check that out too.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have since added two of these to my phone. Love the Rdio-wish it was free though. My all time favorite is Spotify. I can’t understand how its free and still so awesome. Tried Voxer too. Its cool but I am having a hard time convincing people to use it instead of their standard texting already on their phone. I couldn’t come up with a good reason why either. 🙂 “Its just cool” isn’t enough of a reason for some, but I like the walkie talkie feature.

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