Sandy Hook Conspiracy

Have any of you watched this, and if so what do you think?



What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Often I hear a question like this, and I sit and ponder, but this one was easy.  The one experience that changed my life was having my son Cameron.  He has given me an inner light to shine through everything I do.  I know the love of a child is a one in a million experience, but this true gift God gave me has truly been my saving grace.

Marketing Group

In today’s entry we will explore the myth of Social Media as your ENTIRE marketing plan. When done the right way, social media is a tremendous tool in the business owner/decision  makers tool box. Much like building a house though, you need to use more than one tool to build your business. A newly built home would take a long time if it was built with only a hammer or only a screwdriver. In fact, most would argue that it would be impossible to complete such a task. It’s amazing that business owners would think that ONLY social media will be an effective way to market their business

Integrity in Social Media

The most important thing to remember when setting up your social media is, to be consistent. Integrity in life is the art of doing what you say you are going to do. The same holds true in your social media…

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CLS Blue Sky Blog

Increasing amounts of communications by and relating to companies are taking place through social media. Broadly defined, social media refers to forms of electronic communication through which users share information, ideas and other content (using text, audio, video and images). This includes not only platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also various blogs, discussion forums and company websites.  As with any form of communication, social media presents both strategic opportunities and risks for companies. Social media also poses special challenges due to:

  • The speed with which social media can disseminate a message.
  • The tendency for social media to be treated as an informal means of communication.
  • The difficulty in maintaining a distinct audience for a particular message, for example as between customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, regulators and others.

My recent column published by the Practical Law Company, which can be found here, explores what boards need to…

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Social Media is the best!

So I have been working on some new jewelry designs, and I decided to put them on our facebook fan page the other day.  I uploaded around 90 photos, and within minutes the comments on the new designs were amazing.  I am so happy to see our fanbase growing, and people loving our new designs.