Food for thought

To all of my rainmaker friends.  I hope yall have a great Christmas and an even better New Year.  If everyone is like me take the next few days to reconnect, focus on your plans for the upcoming year, but also relax and unwind.  We are all ready to get back into the hustle and bustle, and the swing of things, but sometimes a break is what we need.  Use this last week of the year for getting your details in order, maybe for closing out bpooks, getting taxes ready, well lets not forget that xmas tree that must come down.  Then you can start 2011 with a bang, ready to take the year on by storm. Everyone will have a great 2011 if they put the momentum into it.  Start a plan, an attack, a way to increase business. Help out your friends…………..I have always been so shocked by the greedy people i this world that do not pay it forward. Kharma does come back around, help others, you will be helped.  I love money, I need money, I want money—-But I will not treat people with disrespect or lie to them to get it—It is too late to erase yesterday, but tomorrow is a new day—


Love Carri”Mac”Brown



Useful Apps

I have found some awesome apps today, for tech savy agents that are on the go like me.  First one is Realtor Assistant–this one keeps all of your info stored for you–MACS IT–And for many of you that are not familiar with MACS IT –My nickname is Carri Mac, and that is my way of saying-LOVE IT.  Ok the next one is Zip Forms–now an app-It is:

enhanced version of the industry’s leading real estate forms software. This easy-to-use software is designed to increase the real estate professional’s productivity and help complete contracts more efficiently all while reducing risk.

The next one is Pocket Informat-It is:

Pocket Informant brings powerful Calendar and Task functions to your iPhone! Location based events, task grouping, GTD/Franklin Covey style tasks, Google, Toodledo, and Desktop sync. Its the easiest to use calendar and task application on the iPhone OS!

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